Direct solar water pumping for livestock water is probably the cleanest and simplest use of solar power we’ve seen.  No batteries necessary for most applications and the relative sun exposure matches water demand pretty well on a well-designed system.  We have more than 100 systems operating in the area; we have installed systems pumping 40 gpm flow rate and other systems pushing water more than 700’ of lift.  Our preferred pump line, Lorentz, has product lines available that reliably produce water well outside that window - we just haven’t put one in yet.  We’ve installed trackers, rebuilt systems, and installed all flavors of pressure and float systems.  We have also installed a second, AC pump in the well to provide true, generator back-up redundancy.

Manny Oros, with Stock Water, Inc. has been a consistent and valued partner on these systems when the scope requires additional manpower or a pump truck.  Manny also handles anything we come across that would be better handled with a traditional AC pump installation.

We also continue to work with Boss Tanks when a solar project overlaps with a custom water delivery or construction projects.

Contact information can be found for both of these businesses on the “Links, Partners, and Information” page.


Sometimes a customer doesn’t want to leave their system out all year or they want to use it in several locations.  These mobile power systems can be used for either remote power or for water pumping.  We have built quite a few of these - here are a few examples.  These are all custom designed and built for the project at hand.