These are probably the most fun.  The requirements are all unique and the designs are anything but cookie-cutter.  Here are a few of the challenges we have worked on.

Tonopah Visitor Center

For this project, we were asked to troubleshoot the solar system at the Tonopah Visitor’s Center operated by Nevada Silver Trails.  We ended up completely rebuilding the system to handle the lights and maybe an electronic information display in the future.  The challenge was to construct a clean, self-contained display that could retain the educational aspect of the project and protect it from tampering with the public.

Mountain City Municipal Chlorination Building

For this project we were asked to provide remote power to a municipal well chlorination and alarm system for a small community water system near Mountain City, NV.

Humboldt County Shooting Range

In 2010, Humboldt County received a grant and donations to construct a training facility to be used for hunter education and firearms courses at its new shooting range in Winnemucca. The building is a partial-underground structure using insulated concrete forms designed to minimize maintenance and operating costs as much as possible. The site's location makes connection to the utility grid uneconomical.


We worked with Kent at Gamma Electric to provide an off-grid power system to supply AC power to the high-efficiency lighting, ventilation fans, and emergency lighting. In 2013 we salvaged some hardware from the county’s book-mobile and expanded the system to meet the growing needs of the building.

Remote Fuel Transfer Station 
Firing up a generator or hooking up a set of jumper cables to top off equipment was a hassle. Sun Solutions designed and installed the system below to allow for an MSHA compliant fuel transfer station. 

Summit Lake Fish Monitoring Station

This project was quite remote.  I was asked to provide remote power for a underwater video camera and PIT tag reader for a spawning run of endangered and isolated, native cutthroat trout.  The site allows the biologists to track the spawn and store all data between site visits.

Pine Valley Water Monitoring Stations

The scope of this project was to provide power and freeze protection for the monitoring system for three (3) V-notch flow weirs.  Any time we have to size a project like this, it involves getting to know the monitoring equipment the customer has already purchased.  We also had to fabricate new housings for the probe to house the custom low-voltage, DC heat trace and the monitoring probe.