Off-Grid Carlin Ranch

This ranch north of Carlin has operated on a diesel generator for decades.  The project was sized to cover two houses.  The generator is hooked into the system as a manual backup.  Manny Oros of Stock Water, Inc. teamed up with me on this one.  We are told this system paid for itself in two years!


Sun Solutions has completed a number of off grid projects in Northern Nevada; all the way from load and site evaluations, through system sizing and design, permitting and construction.  Below you will find a few examples of our work.


Off-Grid Golconda Ranch

This 11.5 kW project North of Golconda, (photo above, below, and at right) was sized to cover two houses and incorporates the existing generator as a backup, now on auto-start.  Manny Oros with Stock Water, Inc. teamed up with me on this project.

Off-Grid Home Near Winnemucca

This 8.3 kW, ground-mounted, off-grid system outside Winnemucca uses four Outback 3000 Watt inverters and a 1690 Ahr/ 48 Volt battery bank to fully provide for the couple's power at their small ranch. The system also incorporates a propane generator that is auto-started by the inverters to support the power system in the event of heavy or extended loads.