Grid-Tie Home with Battery Backup Near Lee/Jiggs

The system, shown in the photo above and at right, is South of Spring Creek, NV.  It involved a rebuild of a system that was poorly designed and installed.  We re-sized and re-designed the system using as many of the original components as possible.  The old system was completely dismantled and then permitted (it wasn’t the first time) and then re-installed to meet the utility’s standards for Net Metering.

Grid-Tied Home in Winnemucca

5.8 kW system (left) and a 6.9kW system (below) at a residence in Winnemucca using Enphase Microinverters. This technology allows web-based troubleshooting and reporting, included with the system. 

Grid-Tied Ranch with Battery Backup Near Lee/Jiggs

Ground-mounted 9.8 kW system near Lee, NV using a pair of Schneider/ Xantrex XW 6000 Watt inverters. This system provides benefits of both grid-tie and backup power during utility outages. (Equipment enclosure shown at right)

Grid tie systems is how we got started.  We have completed several grid-tied projects over the years although it is not currently our focus.  The exception would be battery backup systems for customers that have unreliable power due to being at “the end of the line." Several examples of those systems are included here.  Simple Grid Tie may be a thing of the past in Nevada with the changes in effect within NV Energy’s Net Metering Program.

Grid-Tied Home with Battery Backup Near Elburz

This 3.8kW system is a grid-tie, battery backup project East of Elko.  Critical loads can be manually supported by the small battery bank when utility power is not available.